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The online world is full of risks

When we are online, we are exposed to various dangers. Black hat hackers take advantage
of our vulnerabilities and destroy our built-up work. We can lose our customers and even pay fines.

With Bug Bounty, you can fight
against black hat hackers

Secret ingredients

Testing by a community

Two heads are better than one! With the great power of our community, not only one person will test your systems, but even more than ten or a hundred ethical hackers. Vulnerabilities can appear every day, so it’s best to be aware of them and fix them as soon as possible.

You define the details of the program

You can specify every detail of the program, including what systems our hackers can test and how much reward each vulnerability should pay.

Success based payment

We have a bounty or success-based payment system, so you have to pay only if our ethical hackers find a vulnerability. If they can’t find anything, testing will be free for you.

Team behind HACKTIFY

The history of the bug bounty dates to 1983 when Hunter & Ready offered a Volkswagen Beetle to anyone who finds a vulnerability in the Versatile Real-Time Executive operating system.

Since then, several well-known companies have been using their Bug Bounty program, e.g., Apple, Google, Facebook.

In 2020, HACKTIFY created the first Bug Bounty platform in Central and Eastern Europe so that Hungarian businesses could also get acquainted with this service.

Patrik Cseh, Csaba Mészáros and Péter Hirling are the founders of HACKTIFY.

We have more than 10 years of professional background in the field of IT security (Hungarian Armed Forces, financial sector, cybersecurity consulting companies, multinational financial company, information security at NATO); we gained experience in data protection, ISO 27001, GDPR projects, and antivirus software certification, but we were also present at a large telecommunications company as a vulnerability management specialist.


Our goal is to make our services known to both Hungarian and regional businesses to make them safer online.


In addition to testing regulations and confidentiality obligations, we ensure that the vulnerabilities are accessible only to those authorized to do so, to which our website also contributes with encryption solutions.

Customer focus

For us, nothing is more important than customer satisfaction. Therefore, we control the the entire process, monitor it even if several ethical hackers scan your systems at the same time and you also receive a detailed, validated report on the vulnerability from us.

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Every year, more than ten thousand companies fall victim to black hat hackers.

Don't let that happen to your company!

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