Who are we?

At HACKTIFY, we have created the Bug Bounty platform for Central and Eastern Europe, intending to enable everyone, including Hungarian businesses, to benefit from this service.

Bug Bounty

The concept of bug bounty dates back more than 30 years when Hunter & Ready offered a Volkswagen Beetle car to anyone who found a vulnerability in its Versatile Real-Time Executive operating system. Since then, bug bounty programs have exploded in popularity and are now used by major companies such as Apple, Google, and Facebook.

Our team

Patrik Cseh, Csaba Mészáros & Péter Hirling
The founders of Hacktify

Our team has been working in the IT security field for more than 15 years, with experience in the Hungarian Defence Forces, the financial sector, consulting companies, multinational corporations, and NATO, among others. We have also had the opportunity to be involved in data protection, information security, cyber defense projects, and certification of anti-virus software. We have also been present in large telecommunication companies as vulnerability management specialists or held positions as data protection officers across Europe.

Professionals committed to excellence in security

With our collective experience and professional background, our goal is nothing less than to help businesses address their security challenges and together make the Internet a safer place. Our team is constantly monitoring new cyber threats and trends to ensure maximum protection for our clients.

Join us today and be hackproof!

  • Existence

    Our bug bounty service is the existence of availability to anyone who does anything online.

  • Ethical

    Our activities are always carried out in a contracted framework, in an ethical manner, guaranteeing security and trust.

  • Effective

    Our platform and service help you to fight cybercriminals effectively.


We always strive to follow values that inspire trust in our partners. Every customer is important to us and we work to ensure that they are satisfied with our services and that we can build a long-term business relationship with them.

This sentence carries a very important message, namely that security is not something that you can achieve once and then forget about. Indeed, safety is constantly under threat and requires constant attention, effort, and maintenance to remain in that state.

In practice, this means that a secure state is not a one-off achievement, but this involving people, processes, and technology. Constant security threats and risks require regular audits, continuous detection of vulnerabilities, and regular review of security protocols.

We have designed our services with this in mind, enabling our partners to provide ongoing support, whether it’s finding vulnerabilities, helping to fix them, or supporting various compliance tasks.

Security is not a state