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What we can do for you

  • Implement and maintain standardized management systems

  • Implementation of regulatory requirements

  • Continuous support, outsourced role

  • Awareness training, education

  • Review, audit

Our consultancy service focuses on the specific needs of our clients to help them achieve their goals, whether it’s meeting an external requirement, implementing a standardized system, or establishing internal controls.

Our team is made up of professionals with extensive knowledge of the field and the latest trends. We always keep abreast of the current regulatory framework and best practices to provide clients with the best advice and solutions.

We provide each client with a dedicated adviser who, with their expertise and experience, and the collaborative support of our team, combines knowledge from different disciplines to help solve problems and achieve goals.

The implementation of a standardized management system brings many benefits to the life of a business. Not only does it help to establish the processes needed to operate, but its risk-based approach helps to make your business more efficient and secure.

To achieve this goal, or to establish and maintain compliance, we offer a comprehensive solution, which involves a project-based preparation phase, starting with an assessment of the current operations, followed by the implementation of the necessary new processes, optimization of the existing ones, in parallel with the production of the necessary documentation and evidence, awareness raising of employees at different levels, and finally, an internal audit to re-evaluate the system and, if necessary, further improve the effectiveness of the processes and controls put in place.

Implementation, and maintenance of standardized management systems

  • Quality management ISO 9001 [QMS]

  • Information security ISO 27001 [ISMS]

  • Data protection ISO 27701 [PIMS]

  • Vulnerability management ISO 29147 [VD], ISO 30111 [VHP]

Implementation of regulatory requirements

We understand that each client has unique and different needs and challenges, so we offer tailored solutions for each case. Our expert colleagues communicate directly and clearly, helping you to become a more aware and compliant organization.

We ensure that our clients are kept up to date with changing data protection and cybersecurity legal requirements and regulations and that they are implemented into their business appropriately.

  • 41/2015 (15.VII.) regulation in Hungary
  • European Union General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR]
  • NIS Directive

Continuous support, outsourced role

Based on the size and activity of the organization, it may be necessary to create specific roles and designate responsible persons, and managers (CISO/DPO) to perform and manage activities and tasks related to management systems, data protection, and legal requirements.

As part of our service, we can take on these roles or support the work of the individuals appointed within the organization as external consultants.

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Awareness training, education

A document alone is not sufficient for compliance, especially if colleagues in the organization are not familiar with the rules that apply to them. Raising awareness among employees is of paramount importance so that they are aware of the necessary information in addition to their daily routine activities.

Our training services include awareness campaigns and training of employees using tools and methods that are adapted to the specificities and structure of the organization. Classroom training, although useful, can fade over time. We, therefore, use a variety of methods, such as posters, gamification, escape rooms, phishing campaigns, or online training, to raise awareness.

If your employees are well informed and aware of cyber security, it means that they understand the threats they may face and the impact this may have on your company’s activities and processes. They can reduce the risk by taking the necessary precautions and being able to detect any discrepancies in time.

Review, audit

An audit by an external party is a good way of periodically monitoring a company, improving its processes, and adapting them to changes. The audit provides an opportunity to draw up a list of tasks to prioritize and risk-classify the work needed to achieve compliance.

The systematic implementation of audits is recommended for all organizations that value customer satisfaction and trust, data integrity, and for those whose business processes prioritize security.

The purpose of the audit is to assess the design and effectiveness of the system. For example, such an audit can reduce risks, resolve process inefficiencies and improve efficiency.

The audit results in a report on which a GAP analysis can be built. It examines the totality of internal controls and policies, external requirements, and the processes of the business, highlighting the risks and non-conformities that the organization needs to address to achieve and optimize compliance.