Assessing the current state – even if it is not an obligation for our company – can bring a lot of benefits. However, non-compliance can lead to an event that can also affect the financial or reputational stability of the business.

We offer a comprehensive solution for building and maintaining compliance, assessing the current situation in the first phase of project-based preparation, then adapting it to produce the necessary evidence, making employees aware at different levels, and optimizing processes as needed to effectively support the Organization. .

Whether it is the introduction of a data protection framework (GDPR), an International Standard (ISO 27001, 9001) or another external regulator, we help businesses achieve their goals with our consulting services.


Based on the size and activity of the organization, it may be necessary to create special roles, appoint responsible persons, managers (IBF / CISO / BISO / DPO), who perform and manage activities and tasks related to information security, data protection, and relevant expectations.

Within the framework of our services, we also undertake to fill these roles or support the daily work of the persons appointed in the organization as external consultants.

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A prepared document alone is not sufficient for compliance, especially if colleagues in the organization are unfamiliar with the rules that apply to them. Awareness of employees during the preparation project should begin so that they have the necessary information in addition to their daily routine activities.

Within the framework of our educational service, we carry out the awareness and training of employees with tools and methods that fit the specifics and organizational structure of the organization. While a classroom education is useful, over time, the knowledge gained there fades. Therefore, we call attention to the rules in various ways, be it posters, gamification, escape rooms, or online training.

If the company’s employees are well-informed and aware of the field of cybersecurity, it means that they understand what threats may lurk in them and what impact they may have on the company’s activities and processes. They can reduce the risk by taking the necessary steps to prevent cybercrime from infiltrating their work area.