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Bug Bounty Platform

Empower Your Security with our Cutting-Edge Bug Bounty Platform

Create your bug bounty program and attract top ethical hackers with HACKTIFY’s powerful suite of features!

Do you struggle to find skilled ethical hackers for your company? Is managing reports and vulnerabilities a constant headache? Look no further than the HACKTIFY Bug Bounty Platform!

01. The interface


  • Boost your productivity with the dashboard, that tracks progress, showcases submitted bugs, and monitors payments. Cater to diverse preferences with a customizable user interface.

02. Ease of use

Effortless Administration

  • Eliminate administrative burdens with our automated report and reward system. You can track vulnerabilities in real time and receive fast, secure reports.

03. Everything in one place

  • Streamlined Workflow

    Our user-friendly platform simplifies program management. Easily manage bounty programs, review reports, and handle payments – all in one place.

  • Reduced Costs

    The pay-for-performance model ensures you only pay for the vulnerabilities identified, maximizing your security budget.

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