What is bug bounty?


Test live systems legally with us

HACKTIFY has contract with the program owner companies, so it is totally legal to find bugs keeping the rules.

You get money reward for vulnerabilities

Get additional income. The amount of the bounty is defined for each level of vulnerability severity by the company (with the help of HACKTIFY).

You also get reputation points for bug reports

We have a Leaderboard on our site where you can compete with other registered hackers. Invitations to private and on-site programs happens also according to this ranking.

HACKTIFY revolutionize the bug bounty in CEE

This is the first time when hackers can join any bug bounty program with local firms in this region. Let’s make the services of these companies also more secure!

Be your Brand

Earn the respect of the hacker community, build your personal brand and get your dream job at a cool firm!

Learn and develop yourself

Register and start bug hunting now!

How does it work?

Sign-up to Hacktify as a hacker. After activation login and choose from the available public bug bounty and VDP programs. Bookmark them to add them to your profile.
Start bug hunting. Find vulnerabilities with always keeping the testing rules. If you find a bug: click the “Submit Report” button within the program description or in your profile. Fill in the report and submit it to the firm through Hacktify. Strive to describe each step accurately, so what you have found can be easily reproduced. After this triaging will start: some verifications from Hacktify and from the company.
Paying of bounty. In case your bug report has been accepted and approved successfully we will contact you and will send you the amunt by bank transfer. In parallel the reputation points will be added to your Hacktify profile.
Each year, tens of thousands of companies fall victim to cybercriminals. Let’s help our region’s firms avoid this. Join us and let’s make the internet more secure!

Keep informed about your bug reports!

During triage phase you will be kept informed on our platform. You can track the status of your reports on your profile. Moreover, you get email notifications from them every time there is a change. In case something is missing from your report there is a possibility to send it back to you for mofification.

Frequently asked questions


The bug bounty is a kind of information security testing, in which a company gives reward (i.e. bounty) to the security researchers for the vulnerabilities identified in its services.


Hacktify is a bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure platform, which connects companies with security researchers. The program details and the test rules are uploaded to our site. Ethical hackers who sign-up to our webpage can see these and can hunt for vulnerabilities legally and report them through the site.


To participate in public bug bounty programs, you will need a user account, which you can easily create on the registration page. After reading and accepting the terms of use you can choose from the available open programs on Hacktify.


Simply click on the registration button, where you can create your user account after filling in the form. Registration requires confirmation, which you can activate by clicking on the link sent to your e-mail address. Then you can login to your account and fill out your profile details.


You can find out more details about the program and framework of testing in each bug bounty program. It is important that you always follow these rules and testing policies. Do not use methods and tools that are not allowed. Always report detected vulnerabilities on the report page of our website, do not use them for your own purposes.


To report a vulnerability, go to your profile or the program site and hit the report button. Make sure you fill in the required information accurately and completely. Make sure the proof of concept is understandable and reading (or if you have created a video – watching) that the bug is reproduceable. Do not disclose any vulnerability found, do not use them for your own purposes.

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