Legal notice


This Legal Notice (Hereinafter: Legal Notice) applied to the (and its subdomains) website (hereinafter: Website) operated under the domain name owned by Hacktify International Kft. (Hereinafter: HACKTIFY). Visitors and registered users of the website (hereinafter referred to as the User) accept this Statement by implied behavior (by accessing the website, navigating through it, browsing), and its provisions are binding on them.

Details of the owner, operator and hosting provider of the website can be viewed in the Imprint.


Users may use the Website at their own risk.

Nothing in the Statement is intended to limit any rights of the User that cannot be legally restricted.

The Website is open to anyone, but only persons over the age of 16 are entitled to create a User Account. Registered Users are subject to additional terms and conditions, which are recognized and accepted as part of the registration process.

Hungarian law shall apply to the contents of this Statement.

The Hungarian courts have exclusive jurisdiction to interpret the Statement in the event of any dispute or claim arising out of or relating to the terms set out in it.


HACKTIFY reserves the right to change, modify, develop, or delete all or part of the contents of the Website at any time without prior notice.

The materials on the Website may contain things, for which HACKTIFY makes no warranty or guarantee.

Without the prior written permission of HACKTIFY, it is prohibited to copy, store, use, make available or distribute any part of the Content of the Website in any form that may be used for commercial purposes.


HACKTIFY website is entitled to the copyright of the content of the Website, except in cases where other sources are indicated in a specific document, article or material or otherwise disclosed in connection with copyright.

Unless otherwise specified, the information on the Website may be freely disseminated with unchanged content, with the indication of the source.

The use of third-party intellectual property (articles, publications) published on the Website is only possible in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Act 1999 LXXVI. All uses that exceed these limits require the consent of the author.


The use of some parts and functions of the website is subject to registration. Accessing these services may require the provision of personal information. After registration, the User acquires non-exclusive rights to access additional content and features provided by HACKTIFY. Access to additional content and functionality is provided through privilege levels uniquely permitted by HACKTIFY.

Information about the closed content of the services subject to registration may be subject to specific legal or other specific conditions or provisions. The user is obliged to keep the information contained herein confidential and to comply with the additional conditions.

Each User can only use the content and services that are subject to registration with their own user ID and password. User is responsible for treating user account information (login ID and password) as confidential data.

If the User uploads content (including all text and other files containing code, as well as image, audio and video files) in connection with the services to the Website, by voluntarily submitting the content, he/she consents that HACKTIFY acquires a non-exclusive, unlimited right to use it in time and space without payment (with the exception of the reward paid for the uploaded content related to the service).

In view of the above reference, the User may only send HACKTIFY material created by him / her or other materials for which he / she has exclusive rights of use.

The user ID and password may only be used by the User in his/her own name and shall not be released to third parties. The User shall be liable for any damage caused by his/her fault, including any damage caused by the unauthorized use of the User’s own user account information by a third party. HACKTIFY is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage, loss of data, lost profits, loss of business or reputation resulting from the unauthorized use of user account data by an unauthorized third party.

If the User becomes aware of unauthorized access or attempts to access his / her user account information, he / she must notify HACKTIFY immediately. The User is obliged to change the passwords and identifiers enabling the use of the Website immediately upon the request of the Website and its owner (HACKTIFY).

HACKTIFY logs, archives, and analyzes events in the system in the event of an unusual event.


Users may not violate or attempt to violate the security of the Website unless HACKTIFY gives permission to do so or launches a Bug Bounty program in connection with its services.

Access to data not intended for the User or login to a server or user profile to which the User is not entitled is not permitted.

It is prohibited to attempt to examine, do vulnerability assessment, monitor, test, or violate the security or privilege control measures of the system or network without proper authorization.

It is forbidden to attempt to interfere with any service provided to a User, host, or network, it is forbidden to disturb them (in particular: placing virus on the Website, overloading, flooding, spamming, mailbombing or crashing).

Sending unwanted emails, including the propagation and/or advertising of products or services, is not permitted.


The Website may contain interfaces (so-called hyperlinks or URLs) that navigate to other internet websites. Downloaded content viewed by following external links is not under the influence of HACKTIFY.

HACKTIFY’s website merely provides access to related websites but does not assume any obligation or responsibility for the websites or the information placed on them, even if they have been reviewed or approved by a HACKTIFY employee or agent.

HACKTIFY is not responsible for content created, transmitted, stored, made available, or published by third parties to which HACKTIFY’s websites are linked or referenced. HACKTIFY is also not responsible for compliance with the privacy and privacy practices of other website owners.


For HACKTIFY, respect for privacy and the safe handling of personal data are a priority. You can read about the protection of users’ personal data and related data management in our Data Privacy Notice.


HACKTIFY reserves the right to change this Statement, of which it will notify its Users in this case in all cases or, in case of significant changes, will post a notice on the Website, and may also notify its registered Users by e-mail. In the event of any modification of the Statement, the User accepts the change as binding on him / her.

Date of Release: 21/05/2024