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The bug bounty is a kind of information security testing, in which a company gives reward (i.e. bounty) to the security researchers for the vulnerabilities identified in its services.

Hacktify is a bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure platform, which connects companies with security researchers. The program details and the test rules are uploaded to our site. Ethical hackers who sign-up to our webpage can see these and can hunt for vulnerabilities legally and report them through the site.

To participate in public bug bounty programs, you will need a user account, which you can easily create on the registration page.  After reading and accepting the terms of use you can choose from the available open programs on Hacktify.

Simply click on the registration button, where you can create your user account after filling in the form. Registration requires confirmation, which you can activate by clicking on the link sent to your e-mail address. Then you can login to your account and fill out your profile details.

You can find out more details about the program and framework of testing in each bug bounty program. It is important that you always follow these rules and testing policies. Do not use methods and tools that are not allowed. Always report detected vulnerabilities on the report page of our website, do not use them for your own purposes.

To report a vulnerability, go to your profile or the program site and hit the report button. Make sure you fill in the required information accurately and completely. Make sure the proof of concept is understandable and reading (or if you have created a video – watching) that the bug is reproduceable. Do not disclose any vulnerability found, do not use them for your own purposes.

Feel free to contact us about our website, services or a specific program at [email protected] or using the website’s contact form.

You can be rewarded for vulnerabilities discovered and reported, which must meet the requirements set forth in the program description. All reports are checked, and if they have been accepted the payment process will begin which will be completed by bank transfer.

Depending on the program, it may take longer to verify and accept a reported vulnerability, so always be patient. You can find out about the current report status in your profile, and you will also receive an e-mail notification about each status update.

For private programs, a specific group can only receive permission to test, that you can accept or refuse. You can receive an invitation by e-mail, click the link in it to accept that and then you will be able to see the details of the program. Testing in private programs works similarly as public programs, you will find information about different conditions in the description

By participating in the programs, after successful reporting, you can earn points to achieve different ranks. These points and ranks can appear in the leaderboard according to your profile settings, so you can see your stats compared to the hacker community. Ranking can be the basis for an invitation to a private program.

No, you cannot. In all cases, you must adhere to the terms of use and testing policy. You have to report vulnerabilities through our websites. You can’t use them for your own purposes, you cannot submit them directly to the company launching the program. Violation of the terms and conditions may result in disqualification from the program or our website, and ultimately criminal proceedings. Only option to increase your reputation in the community is after a predefined time from the fix of the vulnerability by the company – for instance 3 months after the bug was fixed – but this has to be requested and approved by the firm in each case through our website.

It also depends on the details of the program, the number of reports submitted, and the feedback from the company launching the program, thus there is no specific answer to this. Always be patient, all submitted reports will be triaged and you will receive feedback if you are rewarded. You can find out the current status of your report in your user account.

HACKTIFY has a contractual relationship with the companies and organizations launching the program, so the legal conditions are in place for you to search for vulnerabilities. However, it is important that non-compliance with the rules, misuse of data can also result in the initiation of criminal proceedings, so always be careful and read the terms and conditions and the testing rules of the program carefully.

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