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IT Security Audit

Every organization is different, so focusing on the unique needs of our clients, we offer reliable solutions that enable continuous, sustainable operation.

The IT audit service ensures that IT systems truly meet the requirements of external, – such as regulatory -, and internal requirements. Companies that are pushed into the background by the importance of IT audits take serious risks.
An IT audit reflects only a current state, a starting point, where the development is a process. We need to review it regularly and implement the changes.

As part of our IT security consulting service, we also provide support achieving compliance and reviewing it.


Every business handles personal data (it can be customer or employee data) and at the same time confidential business information. The introduction of an IT security audit is recommended for all organizations that value customer satisfaction and trust, data integrity, and in whose IT processes are a key function. It evaluates the structure and efficiency of the system. Such an audit reduces the risks associated with IT systems, improves data security, and IT management.

The result of an IT security audit is a report, including a GAP analysis. It examines the totality of internal regulators, external expectations, and business processes to highlight the risks and non-compliances that the Organization needs to address to achieve and optimize IT security compliance.


An external audit is suitable for periodic inspections of the company, to improve its processes, to adopt changes. The audit provides an opportunity to create a to-do list and prioritize the actions required to achieve compliance.

An IT audit is essential for businesses that want to protect their IT systems, confidential information, and personal data. We recommend our IT security audit service to all companies that would like to have an external, independent review of the controls already in place or the framework they would like to implement.



Compliance is a very simple approach to adequate with rules. It’s a set of digital security requirements and practices. Compliance with requirements is intended to ensure that the company’s business processes are secure and that confidential data (including customer data) is not accessed by unauthorized parties. A customer may require our company to perform very stringent security checks. This is especially important for success, as non-compliance can result in a loss of customer confidence.

Compliance activities, therefore, serve both to protect the company’s reputation and to avoid the consequences of violating the rules. During the IT security audit, we also consider the external and internal regulators that govern the activities of the company, as they may be sector- and profession-specific rules that specify requirements for IT security (financial sector, utilities, critical infrastructures).


2Process analysis

Using the BPM (Business Process Management) method – considering the findings of 1. part – we analyze the internal IT processes of the company by interviews. We explore the differences in each process. The analysis also includes a sample check of a given manual or automatic process, where the temporal fulfilment of a response to a stakeholder request can be examined.

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During the planning of the audit, we define the areas and processes that we will review. Although IT security audits typically involve an examination of the company's IT infrastructure, in larger organizations it may be justified to have a separate audit of an organizational unit (IT operation, Marketing).

After planning, we perform the following steps and activities:


Analysis of the legal background governing the company's IT security


Examination of available documents


Process review


Conducting interviews

The information obtained and the discrepancies revealed during the analysis are grouped in a report, where we perform a risk classification and make a proposal to address them.

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