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Public Bug Bounty

Your company agrees that the whole ethical hacker community – registered on our Hacktify Website – can see the details of the program, can participate, search vulnerabilities on your services within the determined boundaries and rules and report them through our platform

Your company logo, name, together with a short description are visible on our site under Hackers -> Programs. Every visitor can see this without registration.

You can expect lot of bug reports, but the majority of the identified vulnerabilities may be low and medium severity.


Your company has live internet-based services/applications.

You would like to use the power of the crowd of hackers to test your company.

You have limited security budget for testing.

Advantages of Public Bug Bounty


Your company is visible on our platform for every visitor.


Your program is accessible for every registered security researcher.


It can be started with minimal financial effort.

Private Bug Bounty

Your company can choose and invite ethical hackers into your private program from our platform. Only they will get access, see the details and participate in it.

You can choose from the bug hunters present on our leaderboard.

Higher money reward can be held out for the identified vulnerabilities.


You would like to limit the participants and work with the region’s best security researchers.

Your company needs a premium program that gives bigger reward for the found security flaws.

Advantages of Private Bug Bounty


You can choose the white hat hackers for your company, so you can work with the best hunters.


You can create a unique and prestigious opportunity for ethical hackers.


You can stand out from your competitors.

On-site Bug Bounty

The security testing can be performed on your company’s site, within your own lab environment with the chosen ethical hackers.

Our most discreet program type – you can even test your pre-production solutions

Vulnerabilities are identified on-site, so you can start remediating them immediately.


You need the biggest discretion, for instance you would like to get your pre-production services tested.

You need a short-term program type with high rewards.

Advantages of On-site Bug Bounty


Short- and fixed-term program type.


Your company can select from the best experienced researchers, and work with them in your own lab environment.


It is safe to test your pre-production solutions, and solve the bugs before going live.

Vulnerability Disclosure Policy (VDP)

This is an important document for your company that determines the process of sharing the identified vulnerabilities of your products. In case an ethical hacker finds a security flaw (bug), he/she can raise your awareness within legal boundaries with its assistance. Hacktify team can create this policy for you, and even you can use our secure platform as an interface for this process.


You don’t have such policy in place currently, but your company’s product security is important for you. You need help from experienced information security professionals, who will create this document for you, and if required can operate this on your behalf.

Advantages of Vulnerability Disclosure Policy


Everyone who finds a vulnerability on your website can find the way how to notify you about that quickly, using the Vulnerability Disclosure Policy.


It ensures the legal interface for ethical hackers to raise your company’s awareness on the discovered vulnerabilities.


Additional human resource is not required for report validation, as Hacktify team will handle these with the notifier on your behalf.

Penetration test, vulnerability assessment

Penetration test is a simulated computer system attack authorized by the customer, which is performed to evaluate the security of the website/product.

During vulnerability assessment we will shed light on the vulnerabilities that may be present on your Company’s services.


Your webservices/systems have never been tested before.

Choose penetration test if you would like to expose your company’s webservices to a simulated hacker attack to see what vulnerabilities they have and how they can be exploited.

If you plan to start a public bug bounty program, but beforehand you would like to discover the most critical vulnerabilities.

Advantages of the penetration test and the vulnerability assessment


Vulnerability assessment is the cheaper solution to explore the security vulnerabilities – but it doesn’t contain deep analysis.


These can be used for products in pre-production state.


It is a good point on IT Security audits if you have current test results of such tests.


After completion it is recommended to open a bug bounty program to ensure continuous security testing of your company.

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